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Was it really five months ago? Theresa Louise……(NSFW)

Sensual Edge Photography
See my glamour portfolio here, or the Theresa Louise glamour gallery here.

One of the delights of catching up is reviewing shoots from a while ago, and finding shots you loved but never got around to displaying.   One of the unpublished shoots I’ve uncovered is a glamour session with Theresa Louise, taken from a session in Milton Keynes.

All of these shots were taken in an apartment that Theresa had access to.   We were Theresa Louise-1555able to move around freely, and shoot in any room that took our fancy, which was  just about everywhere.

One of my favourite types of glamour image involves a lot of white.  Finding a nice white painted wall with the subject in a plain white shirt pushes all the right buttons for me.  Clean, clear and simple with no frills, it does it all.  Add a bit of unbrushed hair and that’s the shot for me.   Natural light with absolutely no flash finishes it all off.

Theresa Louise-1318The light coming through the vertical blinds was just right for the next shot.   Theresa changed the white shirt for a red dress, left open, and posed by the window.  She has a distinct liking for a toned image, and adding a bit of red to this shot seemed to fit nicely.    I like the ‘deep in thought, far away’ gaze as well, and this shot has turned into one of my favourites from the session.

As before, I love the simplicity of this shot and the way Theresa looks so relaxed and not forced.   I think glamour can be subtle, it doesn’t have to be completely in your face.

The final shot in this blog (you can see more by clicking on the links above) shows Theresa reclining on the settee in the sitting room.  Once again, as with all of the shots from this session, the light was all natural with no flash, but on for this set we used a standard lamp that was positioned on a small table at the end of the settee to add a little atmosphere.   For this set Theresa changed again and used a plain black jacket and nothing else.   A slight blue toning was added to finish the shot off and give the impression of twilight.
Theresa Louise-1428 Please take a look at the gallery by clicking on the link above, or contact me here if you would like to do something similar.

Sensual Edge Photography

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