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Amber Chelsea Gray at Thurston Lodge

A Lingerie Shoot

This lingerie shoot proved a bit problematical to put together. I had booked the venue separately as I had worked at Thurston Lodge before and loved the place. All that was left to do was to find a model, but I had one in mind.  We got the date in her diary, but sadly she cancelled the week before the session, so I had to find an alternative quickly.

I had one particular model in mind, and after making contact I confirmed the booking with her. All was fine until the day before the shoot when I started feeling unwell. Without going into the gory details it became rapidly clear that I wasn’t going to be able to attend the venue.  A couple of phone calls and e-mails were sent to explain the situation. I’ve never cancelled a shoot before because of illness, but I simply couldn’t get out of bed.  Amber and Mark at the venue agreed that we could rearrange and it was left at that.

For a number of reasons, it took just over a month for us all to be available. Amber arrived at my house on the day of the shoot and we travelled together to Thurston Lodge.    The venue was some 40 minutes away from me, but that gave us plenty of time to discuss the shoot parameters.   We were both clear with what I wanted to achieve in the four hours we had together.

Lingerie and boudoir was the order of the day, and Amber had brought plenty of lingerie with her. I like to photograph lingerie away from bedrooms.  I much rather use other places at the location to add some variety. We moved around the house, from top to bottom, shooting as we went. Once again I used as much ambient light from the large windows as I could.  I did have to boost the available light with my Profoto kit occasionally as some rooms were quite dark.  Primarily I used the A1 both on and off camera, but I also used my new B1X with a large silver parabolic umbrella for some sets. For once, the B2s were unused.

A selection of images from the shoot are shown below. If you want to see more, head off to Chic Fashion & Boudoir and take a look at the Amber Chelsea Gray gallery.


Angel White -Lingerie

Chic Fashion & Boudoir Photography
Angel White – Lingerie

After working with Angel White two years ago at the Hotel De Vie, I jumped at the chance of another shoot with her when she toured Cambridgeshire a short while ago.

I didn’t get the opportunity to discuss any specific shoot styles with her for this shoot, but knew that a boudoir or lingerie shoot would definitely be on the cards, with some fashion to follow and that’s exactly how things worked out.

The studio we were shooting at, LovePhoto in Newmarket, Suffolk, has a superb boudoir set.   The furniture is ornate, classically styled and very white, ideal for stylish boudoir Angel-4389pictures.   I decided to go with black and white for this shoot, just to make things a little more interesting.

I also wanted to utilise the reflection from the mirror on the set.  The ambient lighting was showing a lot of background reflection, but I knew that if I got the lighting just right that would disappear and we would be left with just Angel’s figure looking back.  It seemed to work quite well!



The sofa is lovely piece of furniture and extremely comfortable.  Angel seemed keen to try it out and work around it so a slight change in position for me meant we were able to get all of it in.

All too quickly the hour we had allocated to the boudoir part of the shoot passed, so we moved on to a bit of fashion – more of that later!

Boudoir Portfolio

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