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Published in Model Society Magazine

Great news from across the other side of the Atlantic earlier this week.   David Bollt, the founder of Model Society, is running a model special featuring Elle Beth and wanted to include some of my work in the edition.  To say I was pleased was an understatement.

The magazine won’t be printed until January, but there is an electronic preview that you can see by clicking here. A sample of my spread is also shown in the image below.

I have a few galleries of Elle on this website which you can see by clicking here. There’s quite a few other models there too, so grab a tea or coffee and have a browse.


Lots of changes recently

So much has been happening recently.   When I went full time nearly 18 months ago I knew I would need to make some changes, but I didn’t realise just how drastic those changes would be.

The biggest change has been the design of a brand new bespoke website, Mel Pettit Wedding Photography,  which I love.   Getting that done enabled me to make a couple of tweaks to my brand, so the new site now shows all of my wedding, portraits, family and non-nude fashion and lifestyle work.

I’ve decided to shut down my Chic Fashion & Boudoir site.   The non-nude fashion and lifestyle is already on my new site, any nude work will be moving to Sensual Edge, along with my boudoir stuff.

My new website has a fully integrated blog on it, so that’s where all of my blogs concerning that site will appear.  Anything else, and that’s mainly work involving nudity, will show here.

Phew – it doesn’t sound much but the changes have caused me much heartache and soul-searching.   I hope you will continue to look in here, and perhaps the other sites too.

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