The North Yorkshire Moors with Angela Kate Hudson – NSFW

A little bit of Art Nude

Sensual Edge Photography

Having worked with Angela earlier in the year at WindmillArt Studio, I knew I wanted to do some more art nude with her.   That’s a style I like to do outside, as constantly changing backgrounds can add a lot of context to the subject.   The trick with location art nude, as always, is to find somewhere that is photogenic and not busy, something that can be challenging in the UK.   The North Yorkshire moors provided the ideal backdrop though.

I loaded up the car with my equipment and headed north early in the morning.   I had a three hour drive to get to Harrogate, where I had planned to meet Angela.   I had a lot of good memories of Harrogate, it was town to which I had been posted during my time in the RAF, spending a year there before moving down to RAF Wyton in Cambridgeshire, close to where I now live.   I hadn’t been back there for some 23 years.

We started with some fashion and portrait shots in and around Harrogate,  which was still recognisable to me after all of the time that had passed since I had lived there.  A lot of memories were brought back, most good, some not so, but I left the town centre with Angela for the moors with a nice warm feeling about the place.

Angela knew a lovely spot where we could shoot our art nude set and being a hardy northerner the thought of some moody skies and a bit of rain didn’t worry her at all, in fact we were both hoping for the odd shower or two.   Sadly the skies were flat grey and the rain never arrived whilst we were there.   It did as I was on my way home!

Here’s a few shots from the set.  It was as chilly as it looks, but Angela coped with it perfectly.


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