2017 Road Trip Days 1 and 2

The Swiss and Italian Lakes

Twice a year or so, Appleton Photography Training run road trips to various parts of Europe.  This time around, I got the opportunity to go on a trip to the Swiss and Italian lakes, and what a journey it was.

The reason why days one and two of the trip are combined in this post is because the Saturday and Sunday merged.  Let me explain.

The group, with one exception, met at a location in Milton Keynes.  Making up the party was Andrew Appleton, photographer and organiser, together with his wife Helen, who is a superb stylist and make-up artist.  Steve was the assistant and driver, an expert luggage packer who no doubt does Tetris in his sleep.  One model, Sharon, and one dancer, Alexa, made up the business end, leaving three photographers, James, Colin and myself.  The fourth photographer, Mike, was collected from Slough station en-route to the Eurostar.

This trip was my first experience of the Eurostar, but sadly I didn’t see much as we had the late train over, departing at 23:30 or thereabouts.  We had arrived at the terminal in good time, where I discovered France starts as soon as you get through the security barriers.  That was a bit bizarre.  After some refreshments and a little shopping expedition to get some snacks to tide me over the crossing and the initial stage of the journey in France we boarded the train.  Some 23 minutes later we were out the other side and disembarking at Calais.

The first leg of the trip was an overnight drive to Colmar in France, just short of the Swiss border.   The total length of that stage was 638 Km, around 7 hours travelling time, but it was broken up by stops at service stations for fuel and food, and a longer break at Epernay in the Champagne region to do some street photography of the buildings belonging to the various champagne houses.   There’s some photos below of those buildings.  All of the structures were very symmetrical no matter who they belonged to.   We got something to eat and drink in Epernay, and then set off for the second leg of the day to Colmar.

We stayed at the Hotel Roi Soleil Prestige in Colmar, arriving there in just enough time to grab a shower and get ready for an evening shoot in the town centre, around an area known as Little Venice.  There’s shots of both Sharon and Alexa in the gallery, doing their stuff.  They both drew a bit of a crowd, but we were able to carry on without any unwanted interruptions.  It was all over very quickly,  and we returned to the hotel before going to the next door restaurant for a steak and a beer.    Bed followed, as we had to be ready to leave at 08:00 the following day for the next leg to Lake Lucerne and then onwards to Colico and Lake Como.


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