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A touch of fashion with Saffron Jaye Richardson

Early spring weather in England is very unpredictable.   Occasional warm and sunny days can be followed by long periods of cold and rain, accompanied by horrible flat grey skies that do nothing to add background interest to a subject.   So it was when I arranged a shoot with Saffron Jaye Richardson.

The weather on the day before the shoot had been lovely, but the forecast for the day of the shoot was poor at best.   I live in one of the flattest places in England, so you can see the skies for miles around and you know when it’s going to be bad, and when the same greyness can be seen from horizon to horizon you know it’s not going to change quickly.   The omens were not good for shooting outdoor fashion.

The drive from my place to meet Saffron was made through driving rain and fairly strong winds.   Either of those elements makes using location flash difficult, both together virtually impossible.   40 minutes after leaving and arriving at Saffron’s location things were no better.   Plan B was the order of the day.

Saffron is an experienced model, has a good knowledge of lighting and angles which has allowed her to create a little studio in her bedroom.   I was able to shoot from a number of angles, and use ambient light from a well-placed window, as well as using one of my Profoto B2 heads to add a bit of fill whenever it was needed.   For this shoot I used a white Profoto OCF beauty dish.

Saffron’s entire wardrobe was readily to hand, so we were able to get through a number of outfit changes in our allotted time.   Four hours flew by very quickly indeed and I ended up with some fashion and portrait shots that I was very pleased with.



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