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Just before Christmas I got the opportunity to do a fashion based shoot with Carmel Yasmin, a model I had seen before on a previous group shoot.  I knew then that I would like to do some work with her and finally the chance came around.

Winter in England meant that there was little chance of shooting outside on this occasion.   Unusually it was nothing to do with the cold, we were going through possibly the warmest December on record, but it was down to the rain.  It was far too risky to set something up in the streets and have the shoot disrupted by the weather.

A studio shoot it was then.  Three hours were booked at Studio One in Peterborough for a Sunday afternoon, and after a short trip from the train station to collect Carmel we arrived at the studio, ready to go.

Carmel brought a large selection of clothing with her so we were able to get through a Carmel Ball-4771number of changes in our time together.  I’ve chosen a number of my personal favourites to show here, the shot on the left being one of them.

Carmel is very good at her work, and she hit pose after pose.   Sadly there was no music in the studio so there was nothing to work to for her, but we coped and managed to talk quite a lot throughout the whole shoot, and the short tea-breaks we took along the way.

Changes of wardrobe followed rapidly, and we ended up shooting a total of five different looks.   It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon and it’s something I hope to repeat again soon.  I have a lot of ideas running amok in my head for some outdoor shoots.  Anyway, here’s a few more images from the day.   There’s links at the top and bottom of the page to take you to my site where you can see full size shots and a link to my YouTube channel where you can you the shoot on a video slideshow.

Carmel Ball-4987

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