The Square Peg Fashion Show

Fashion Portfolio

I love shooting fashion, but I’ll be the first to admit that I know absolutely nothing about it.  I’m your standard male, I live in black jeans, short sleeve shirts and trainers. For slightly more formal wear I’ve got black trousers, two pairs of black shoes (that’s probably one pair too many) and long sleeve shirts.  On special occasions I’ll break out one of the four suits I own.  That’s it, dead simple and nothing complicated.   The hardest part of dressing for me is matching a tie to a shirt.

All of that probably makes photographing fashion shows much easier, because I don’t stand and stare at all the finery that’s parading in front of me, I’m far too busy concentrating on focusing and shutter speeds to keep it all sharp.   Outfits pass me by one after the other to the extent that I couldn’t tell you what any of the models was wearing five minutes after they’ve left the runway.  I would like to say that it’s all a blur, though I hope it isn’t!

A fortnight ago I got the opportunity to shoot at the Square Peg Fashion Show, organised by Dani Race.   The Square Peg raises funds and awareness for special needs children in the Cambridgeshire area, so it was nice to be involved.  It was a great evening with lots of collections by some fabulous designers.  I’m going to stop with words now and let the pictures do the talking.   There’s one shot from each of the collections in the first half of the show, and all of the pictures are clickable links so you can see more of each set if you wish.

From top left and across then down the collections are by Alexander Huck, Matilda Darling, Bernhard Dyne, Karen Gold, OJT Designs, Shruti Chopra and Karen Faulkner-Dunkley (hand-crafted jewellery).

    Square Peg-2588 Square Peg-3473 Square Peg-3357 Square Peg-3157 Square Peg-2967 Square Peg-2872 Square Peg-2748


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