Latex is addictive – really!
Ifa Brand Latex

It just is.   This time last year I hadn’t thought about it much, there were too many connotations linked to it and the fetish label kept flashing away in my head.  Then I did my first shoot with Zara Du Rose followed by another with Nicky Phillips, blogged here, and I was stunned.

I shot recently with Ifa Brand at Blackbarn Studio in Duxford.  We did two distinctly different styles, opening with some film noire which was all black and white and very edgy, then to my absolute delight we finished off with some latex and smoke.

Ifa Brand-9569The addition of the smoke made a startling difference.  The dress that Ifa wore was already remarkable, and I loved the colour.   Coupled together with a mock fur coat the dress exuded class and style.

That smoke made a very subtle difference.  Even soft lighting can cause a number of hot spots on the latex because it can be very reflective, but the smoke toned that down even more and made the whole image very soft.   I loved that effect and I’ll be looking to shoot some more in that style very soon.

By the time we shot the picture above the smoke machine had been belching out copious amounts of smoke and there was a thick carpet on the floor.   Ifa’s legs became obscured from the ankles downwards, so we lost her heels, but that was a small price to pay for the overall effect.

Ifa Brand-9582The shot on the left is one of my favourites from the whole shoot.   Ifa has caught the lighting perfectly and there is a nice balance of sharpness in the upper part of the shot with that lovely smoky effect at the bottom.

Will I be shooting more latex?  I think that’s a safe bet.

You can see more shots from this set here.


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