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The trouble with being busy is…..

There’s just not enough hours in a day or days in  a week.  Being busy is wonderful, far preferable to sitting around and doing nothing.  Sometimes though you can’t be busy doing what you want to do, you have to be busy doing something else, hence the long break since my last post.  I’m trying to rectify that as I have done a tremendous amount of shooting, I just haven’t been able to get it all out there.

Ayla Rose-5828 An early burst of summer back in May found me working with the rather lovely Ayla Rose.  I’m going to be posting a lot more images of her in a few different styles, but in this post I’m looking at some of the portrait shots we got.

We made our way to the Nacton side of the bank of the River Orwell, just outside Ipswich in Suffolk.   The day was nice, we had been blessed with a but of sunshine and some warmth, and it was dry.   We wanted to shoot some portraits first, before we changed to another style.

After a short walk we stumbled across a number of sites that offered something to add to our shots, not least this rather large lump of weathered tree trunk.  Ayla needed no encouragement to use it!

The tide had only recently receded at the time we shot, so the foreshore was muddy and it was very, very soft.   I hadn’t realised that when I asked Ayla to sit Ayla Rose-5853on an old protruding stump. She wasn’t put off in the least and got on with it, though we did have some problems with the mud that clung to her feet and ankles.  In true model style, wetwipes were produced from a cavernous bag and the mud disappeared from our later shots.  Wonderful!

You can see more shots from this set by clicking on either of the links above.  I hope you enjoy them.


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