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Latex…..What Do You Think?

Is it a fashion material or does it have too many other connotations?  I did my first latex shoot only a couple of months go, and was a bit hesitant about it.   My level of fear Zara Du Rose-2697 Zara Du Rose-2608was increased because there was a lot of knowing winks and nudges when I mentioned that material, in fact, I’ve never seen one word get such a reaction.   I guess it’s not mainstream, in the minds of most people it’s the sort of thing that you wear to one of ‘those’ clubs, but after two shoots now I can’t see that at all.

Zara Du Rose-2796I found both experiences fascinating.  The range of styles that I saw was immense, the designs intriguing and the complexity of some dresses was mind-blowing.  Some items looked staid and quite plain, other garments were eyes on stalks sexy, but everything I saw was attractively different.

If there is one downside or limitation to latex it is all to do with the shape of the wearer.   Without doubt, there is nowhere to hide those little bumps and bulges, the material is completely unforgiving in that respect.  If I was going to be extremely picky,  would also say that it’s  fabric almost exclusively for women.  I can’t see it being worn, other in ‘those’ clubs by men.   Perhaps that’s just me.

What I do know is that I’ll be looking to shoot more of it.  Whether it’s fashion or not, I’ve found another type of shoot that I enjoy and I intend to pursue it further.  I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the results of my first two shoots.

Nicky Phillips-6076 Nicky Phillips-6220


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