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Some fashion with Dani Race!

I’m getting the bug for shooting fashion, of that there is no doubt.   Ever since my first shoot at the Vodafone London Fashion Trend Show and shooting Amanda Wakeley’s collection at the same venue, I’ve wanted to do more and more.   This little video might help explain why.

Dani Race-4598I’m happy to say that I finally got the chance to do a shoot with Dani Race at LovePhoto Studio in Newmarket.  I’ve seen a lot of Dani’s work on various sites so I know how good she is, meaning a great shoot was on the cards.  I wasn’t disappointed at all, the two hours we had booked together flew by, and it was all over before I knew it.

The plan was to do a lot of quick wardrobe changes, leaving the selection of clothing to Dani.   I thought a high turnover of wardrobe changes together with frequent different background lighting settings would give the maximum amount of impact from the shoot.   We whizzed through the first three changes, though we were never in any danger of exhausting Dani’s wardrobe, there plenty of things to choose from!

Dani Race-4404We got through seven or eight different combinations in the two hours we had together.  Two of my favourites are shown here, though I could have posted just about any of the pictures from the shoot.

If you want to take a look at the full set of images you can find them here.   I’ve also done a little video of the shoot which is just over three minutes long.  If you want to have a look (and listen), click here.


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