I thought it would never happen…..re-branding.

Five years ago, when I first got properly into photography I was convinced that one site would fit all, and people would arrive in their droves to view my photographic masterpieces.   How naive can one person be?

For ages, I was told that viewers wouldn’t want to see my wedding shots alongside some of my raunchier stuff, but I chose not to listen and carried on posting all of my work side by side.

Now I’ve made a decision to separate out my wedding photography onto a dedicated site, here at http://www.melpettitwedding.photography That’s weddings dealt with!

My portrait, family and fashion work, along with other non-nude photography will continue to be posted at http://www.melpettit.photography.

All of my other work, from fashion nude through to erotica, will be posted to a new site, to be revealed shortly.  It’s under construction right now, and I’ve decided that it won’t carry my name, as a Google search will find and show all of my work, which is exactly the opposite of what I want to happen.

That’s the future for me then!  I hope you’ll dip into all three of them, I’ll be watching my Google Analytics figure to map my progress.


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