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The Vodafone London Fashion Week Part 2 – The Amanda Wakeley Collection

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Picking up from yesterday’s blog, the second part of the evening showcased some of Amanda Wakeley’s 2015 collection.  As a total fashion philistine that meant nothing to me until I got home and Googled her name.  To get the chance to shoot some of her work was quite an honour, so well done Canon CPS for sorting the whole thing out.

Vodafone LFW-2027 Vodafone LFW-2045 Vodafone LFW-2189 Vodafone LFW-2218This part of the show featured Amanda Wakeley’s white collection.  Due to a change in my position in the photographer’s pit I was able to get some close-ups without the danger of swinging my lens around around and braining the photographers in front of me, so I could get to see a bit more of the detail in all of the designs.

I hope I’ve managed to do a reasonable job here.  it was the first time I’ve ever been to an event such as this, although I’d love to go again.    There was a definite buzz around the Somerset House, the location for the shoot, and it was jammed full of people.   There wasn’t a spare seat in the tent, both events were a sell-out, so i guess that is a good thing to see.

As before, clicking on the pictures above will take you to bigger versions, and you can see the complete set by clicking on the links at the top of this page.  Thanks for taking a look.


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