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Vodafone London Fashion Week Part 1 – The Trend Shows

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Late last year I found out that I could join Canon Professional Services because of the kit that I own.  A bit of research showed that there were a number of benefits, like getting a pretty card that said Canon Professional Services on it and accelerated repair times on any kit that became faulty.   That last bit was particularly handy at the time because my main camera body had just died completely and it needed sorting out quickly.   I thought that was about it, but hey it was free so it wouldn’t hurt to go for it.   Time went by and my camera was fixed and I thought I would hear no more from them.   Then something nice happened.

I got home one night and found a post on my wall from CPS.   They were running an event at the Vodafone London Fashion Week and were offering places to shoot at a couple of shows, so long as your name came out of a hat.   I wouldn’t normally win a prize if I was the only one buying a ticket, but I went for it and I got a place.   That was wonderful and it made me happy, excited and nervous all in one go.

I didn’t need to worry.  On assembly at the Aldwych One Hotel in London we were served refreshments and given a presentation by a seasoned pro fashion photographer.  He told us all we needed to know, and he made us laugh to with some of his stories.The most important thing that he told us was that the fashion shots aren’t necessarily the money makers, the shots of celebrities enjoying themselves in the front row are the pictures to get.   Sadly, there were going to be zero celebs at our shoot.

Vodafone LFW-1671 Vodafone LFW-1784 Vodafone LFW-1863 Vodafone LFW-1977The first show we were going to shoot was called The Trend Show.   It was made up of four separate mini-shows, each with  a different theme.   If I remember the briefing correctly, the designers are the current bright young talent and this was a chance to showcase their work.  I’ve added a shot from each of the shows which will open full size in a new window if you click on them.

Top left is a dress from Hyper Florals (there’s a clue in the picture as to the theme), top right is Shimmer & Shine, bottom left is Black & White and bottom right is The Seventies Show.

The whole experience was fantastic and gave a real insight into the work that the professionals do to get their shots and get them published.  It was a great day and I totally enjoyed it.

There will be a part 2 to this if you’re wondering why this blog is called part 1.  It should be along either tomorrow or Monday and will feature a small part of Amanda Wakeley’s 2015 collection.  Until last week her name would have meant nothing to me, so I’ve learned a lot on top of the technical stuff!


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