Lucy Lu at the Hotel De Vie

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I tried to work with Lucy last year in Southampton, a place I go to once a year to watch the England international cricket matches they hold there.  Sadly that shoot fell through, but when I saw that Lucy was not only organising the Hotel De Vie event but also modelling there too I grabbed my chance.

We agreed to work to lingerie as that fitted the theme of the shoot perfectly.  The hotel has many variously styles bedrooms and with Lucy I got to work in the Gothic Lucy Lu-8774Nights room.   This was one of the medium sized rooms with a nice amount of natural light coming through a window to one side.

Luckily for me Lucy had some new underwear that had arrived the day before, so I got to be the first photographer to shoot her wearing it.

Whenever shooting lingerie or boudoir I try to avoid using the bed, as it’s all a little obvious, but on this occasion and being limited to just one room there was no choice.  We did our initial set using it, before moving on to another part of the room.  It has to be said that it was a very large bed and it looked extremely comfortable, but there was no sitting or laying around on the job for me!

The layout of the room meant that getting different angles was difficult, especially Lucy Lu-8832in the lighter parts of the room, so a flashgun was broken out to make up for the shortfall of ambient light.   We also sent out for a prop or two and you can see them taking a supporting role behind Lucy at the dressing table.

As with all of the models on the shoot, the hour we had together ended all too quickly and it was time to move around.   it proved to be a very productive time though, and I hope it will lead to more shoots with Lucy in the future.


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