Marmalade at the Hotel De Vie

No, not anything to do with breakfast at a recent stopover, this the first in a series of blogs about my recent shoot at the Hotel De Vie in Farnham.   As it’s the first, I’d better describe what it was all about.

It’s an occasional event organised by two lovely models, Helen Stephens and Lucy Lu.   A small group of photographers get to shoot seven models in seven different rooms throughout the course of the day.   As the models, photographers and locations rotate hourly, nobody ends up doing the same sort of shoot with any given model in the same room, hour after hour.  It sounds great, but it does take some careful time management!

My first blog of the event is centered around Marmalade, who was the third model on my list.   We got to shoot in the Victorian Memories room.   All of the rooms Marmalade-8902are themed, so the decor is different and there is no standard corporate image to worry about.   Marmalade and I had already decided on the type of shoot we wanted to do together, so we had a fair idea of what to expect, but you can never be certain until you see the location.

We were going to do an erotic shoot, which is why this blog is in the Naughty Corner.  For me, erotic shots are very closely related to art nude, but there is a bit more intrigue and hidden intent behind each shot.   Erotic is not pornographic in my book.

The Victorian Memories room was one of the smaller locations, so by the time we had both got in it and set the light up things were quite tight.  I decided to make use of shadow for this shoot, just to add to the intrigue, so the spread of light was kept very narrow.

The hour we worked together flew by, and before we knew it the shoot was over.  I think I got some good images we Marmalade, two of which I’ve added to this blog, but you can see some more of this set by visiting Marmalade’s gallery, which is here at Marmalade-8894


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