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No pictures…..just words.

All my life I’ve tried not to grow up, because that’s the first stage of growing old, and that’s dangerous.   I’ve tried to maintain a mental age, sense of humour and general demeanour of my 18 year old self, but every now and then reality kicks in.

Over the last month or so I’ve taken a hard look at what I’ve done so far in my photographic life and realised that things are going to have to change.  I’ve invested a lot of time and money in kit, training and software, learning how to take a decent photograph and how to edit to give my shots that final polish.   It’s not been easy, I’ve spent far too much time sat behind my PC churning out loads of images for absolutely no return.

I took a reality check to see if the stuff I do is reasonable.   I joined a professional body (more expenditure) and submitted various pictures to get assessed by industry professionals.   Out of 12 submitted to them so far I’ve been told that all bar one are of a good professional standard and the one missed that level only fell short by half a mark.   Eight of them got a bronze award, one a silver.  I’m pleased with that although I always want to do better.   To that end, I’m going to get mentored to help me progress my photography, but that, of course, means more expenditure.  Do you see a theme developing here?

My brain is telling me that I need to start to recoup some of my outlay and I have to accept that as I don’t have bottomless pockets. As from the 1st December I will be charging for my shoots, excepting those that I have already arranged.   My prices are very low in comparison to other photographers shooting locally, but that will change in April of next year.   I’ve updated my website at today to reflect the change, but so far only the portrait and boudoir sections.   The other sections will follow over the coming weeks.   If you want to take a look at the site please do and you can spread the word if you wish.   Taking the decision to charge wasn’t wasy, and I’ve no doubt I may well lose a few friends and face criticism over my photography, but that’s the way it is.  I think I might actually have grown up just a little bit.

Portrait Portfolio –

Boudoir Portfolio –

4 Responses to “No pictures…..just words.”

  1. S duane

    The very very best of luck. You will always be the 15 year old boy to me. Enjoy. Live life and have fun. Xx

  2. Rob Howarth

    Another way of looking at this Mel is to collaborate with models and create pictures for microstock such as istock so your pictures are constantly earning you an income.


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