A day and night shoot with Eden in Cambridge

It’s been a while since my last blog due to all of the  shooting I’ve been doing and the editing backlog that causes.  I must do better.

Despite saying that, I’m going to blog a shoot with Eden that I haven’t finished editing yet.  I’ve made a start, but I’m nowhere near the end of it, not by a long way.    This one is a little different.

We planned to do some fashion and portrait work on the streets of Cambridge, using the well known backdrops of the colleges and some of the lesser known side streets just off the beaten track.  The timing of the shoot gave us some daylight hours and darkness too, so I duly packed the flashguns. The plan was to use as much ambient light as possible from sources we found as we walked around, and leave the flash alone if I could although I knew that could be challenging.

 Getting the day shots was fun, but as usual, working around busy streets with Eden-3216slow moving traffic attracted the usual amount of heckling from white van men.  Eden dealt with it perfectly, but I wonder why guys always feel that they have to ask a perfect stranger to ‘get them out’.  It’s a bit odd I think.

 We tried several locations along the Backs and in the city centre.  A bonus of walking and shooting is that you can stumble across places, we found a great little cafe so we popped in for a cup of tea and possibly the best Danish Pastry I’ve ever eaten.  If I shoot in Cambridge again I’m going back there.

After a while the light levels began to drop, so we went off in search of some Eden R J-3467deserted side streets.   I had a good idea of the sort of shot that I was looking to get, it involved lighting from a source like a streetlight or shop window, but with lots of empty space around Eden.  We found a couple of places, this being one of them, although it turned out to be not so quiet as we first thought.  A couple of guys sleeping rough seemed intent on getting into the action in the background, but after a while they moved on somewhere else.   As they departed they paid Eden a massive compliment in a much nicer way than the white van men.

This was another great shoot with a lovely model, and something I will definitely be doing more of.   I’ll post a full set of this shoot soon on my website at http://www.melpettitphotography.co.uk


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