Spain Day 3- A Bit Of Fashion!

Day three brought a slight change of pace, not least because of the twenty-one and a half hour day Rebecca and I had on day two.  Admittedly a lot of that time was spent relaxing on the beach, but it was good to get a bit of a lay in before our first shoot of the day.

I wanted to get some shots of Rebecca in a fashion style, using the location to our advantage.  I had a few ideas rattling around in my head, but that meant we had to do a bit of walking around to try and find a spot that matched the picture I had in my head and bring it to fruition.   Using the villa as our base, we set off to walk around the streets to see what we could find.

The start of the day.

The start of the day.

Have I mentioned before that it was hot?  Day three was no different, there was warmth coming at us from all angles, the sun, the buildings and the street, all being reflected at us at full power.  As nice as it was to walk about in that climate, it produced a few problems photographically, so almost immediately we sought shade and Rebecca used her hat.

That hat was very handy.  It complemented the outfit that Rebecca had chosen perfectly,and it had its practical uses.  The very bright light of the day introduced the danger of squinting, but the wide brim shaded Rebecca’s face very well and it left me enough room to see her without obscuring her features.  Some of my favourite shots of the day have Rebecca wearing that hat.

Rebecca Leah-0586

That hat!

The streets were virtually deserted, it was obvious the locals thought that walking around in that heat was too much and most, it seemed, had gone to the beach.  That left us a bit of scope to take advantage of the emptiness of the place and  use things things that we found on our wanderings.  One of the things we found was a nice motorbike, crying out to be used as a prop, so we obliged and got a good number of shots with it.   I’d loved to have thanked the owner, but it seems that he too had vanished from the scene and was nowhere to be found.

We did a quick change of location to yet another deserted street to capture a few more shots, but then had to return to the villa for a drink to rehydrate and a change of clothes for Rebecca.  By now the sun was really burning and the cloud cover had gone completely.

We agreed that we should find a place with a bit more shade, so we jumped into the car and headed off for an abandoned swimming pool that Rebecca knew of.   We arrived to find it populated by a few feral cats who took an interest in us, but kept their distance which I was more than happy about.   Pets they were not, although someone had left food and water out for them.  We regarded each other with respect, but kept our distance, and we completed the shoot without either us or the cats coming to a major disagreement about access rights.

The bike that cried out to be included....

The bike that cried out to be included….

Another deserted street..

Another deserted street..

Rebecca Leah-0811

The abandoned pool…


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