Spain Day 2

Rebecca Leah-0292

Early Sunrise

Day 2, now what a day that was. Rebecca and I wanted to do some sunrise and sunset shots so we agreed to do both on the same day.  That didn’t sound like a bad idea at the time, not even now, but it did make for an incredibly long day.

The alarm went off at 05:30, a bit of a shock to say the least.  After dragging myself out of bed we jumped into the hire car and set off for the beautiful Spanish coast, fully laden with camera and beach gear.   I’m not very good at early mornings now, my days of morning newspaper deliveries are long gone, so I did find things a bit of a struggle until we were mobile and driving on the wrong side of the road again.  That woke me up, and Rebecca too on a couple of occasions, but that’s another story for a different day.

Late Sunrise

The beach was in total darkness when we arrived and we were the only two people there, apart from two guys who had been to the beach bar the night before and who were still there, sleeping off their excesses from the previous evening.  It was all good, the whole beach to ourselves, no distractions and the sunrise to look forward.   As an added bonus there were no parking problems either!

I’ve included two shots of the sunrise here.  The first shot was taken very early on, just as the sun was breaking the horizon.  It was so calm and peaceful when this shot was taken, the air still and already becoming warm.   Beautiful, just beautiful.

The second shot was taken not long after the first, but the sun is much higher in the sky and the lighting had changed dramatically.  What you see in the picture is pretty much how it was there, golden skies and that gorgeous reflection on the water, with Rebecca doing her stuff at the water’s edge.

 We stayed at the beach for the whole day.  I was very thankful for the factor 25 that Rebecca lent me, without it I would have burnt to a crisp.  The whole day was so relaxing, after breakfast at a beach-side restaurant we soaked up the sun, and did a lot of people watching.  It was a lovely day doing absolutely nothing at all.  I’m missing that so much!

Early sunset

Evening arrived all too soon and we prepared for the sunset shots.  We wanted to do a number of different things and started with the shot you see on the left.

The dress was bought at a market the night before in town, and we wanted to use it both dry and wet as the sunset drew on.   This shot was taken very early on in the session, before Rebecca got right into the water, making the dress almost completely transparent.   Thankfully by the time we started this set the locals and holidaymakers had left the beach and we were almost on our own again.   We started shooting this set around 9pm and it lasted for an hour or so.

Late sunset

The final set of images were taken just as the sun dipped completely below the horizon.   We had bought some material at the same market as we had purchased the dress with the express purpose of using it to make the sunset pictures pop.   I think the lime green of the material compliments the orange glow of the sunset nicely, with Rebecca working it to catch the wonderfully cooling sea breeze coming off the coast, making it look almost sail-like.

The day was finished off by heading to yet another restaurant to get an evening meal.   By the time we finished that and drove back to the villa and had a glass of wine or two it was 03:00. so we had been up for a total of 21.5 hours.   It was a very long day, but totally worth it.

Shots from day 3 will follow soon, but before we get there I’ll be releasing another blog containing more images from day 2.   Those shots will be posted in my Naughty Corner blog because they contain some nudity, so be warned and don’t open it if that’s not the sort of thing you want to see.


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