Spain, and introducing the Naughty Corner

It has to be said that my trip to Spain with Rebecca Leah has generated a tremendous number of shots.   That equates to a huge amount of editing and lots of time tied up behind a PC, although not literally, as I need to keep my hands free to push the odd button or two.   So, the sheer volume of images has made me think about what I’m going to do with them.  Never one to keep anyone waiting, here is the decision.

We shot a different style each day, so that is how I’m going to divide them up, and I’m going to post a blog for each day – with links to follow later – when I’ve finalised full galleries on my website.   Actually that’s not strictly true, I’m going to post two blogs about each day because I’m going to introduce a new section on my blog called the Naughty Corner.

What’s the Naughty Corner then I hear you cry.   Well, I’m very conscious that a fair chunk of my photography involves topless or nude work and whilst quite a few of you don’t mind that at all, some of you are not keen on seeing it.   Quite simply, I’m going to post anything that shows naughty bits in a section of my blog called the Naughty Corner.  If you don’t want to see nudity, you have a choice to avoid that place!  I hope I can keep everyone happy by separating slightly risque content from my ‘safe for work’ stuff.

I hope you enjoy it all, no matter whether you choose to visit the Naughty Corner or not.   Some day one images of Rebecca at the salt lake will be appearing tomorrow morning, with some Naughty Corner shots in the afternoon.  I hope you like them.  If you do, or even if you don’t, let me know by leaving comments on the gallery.   I’ll read them and so long as they are constructive and not offensive to me or any of the models I work with I will pass them through moderation for posting.  I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


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