The Rain In Spain……

The rain in Spain didn’t fall at all, not for three fantastically enjoyable and gloriously hot July days.

To my shame, my last trip abroad was a trip to Naples with the then girlfriend to visit some of her friends in the summer of 2000.   Since then I hadn’t ventured further south than the Isle of Wight and I had let my passport expire.  I’d done my share of travelling in the RAF, so I thought that I wouldn’t miss it and for a long while I didn’t.   But then I met Rebecca Leah.

Rebecca Leah-0586During our first shoot Rebecca mentioned that she was going to be arranging trips to Spain, combining a bit of photographic work with some downtime on the beach and that sparked some interest in me.  That’s when the fun started.

It’s fair to say that air travel has changed much since my last flight.  The rise of budget airlines and the very attractive cheap fares they offer have been offset to some degree by the increased amount of security, although that is perfectly understandable.  Not daunted by that I attacked EasyJet’s website with vigour.   It was easy – too easy.

It was there that I found the first change; I needed to enter the details of a my passport, but I hadn’t even applied for it.  Rebecca had sent her details to me so that was easy, but now I had the worry of making sure I got my passport on time.  It was, after all, the start of the great exodus abroad, all and sundry were wanting to leave the country and the passport offices were under-staffed and inundated with requests.   I had to work on that one.  Did I mention it was easy?  So easy that I booked the wrong flight out and never noticed it until I had confirmed the details.    That cost me £70 to put right.  All of the good stuff was extra too of course, speedy boarding and choosing your seats, all stuff I was to find out about.

Booking the hire car seemed an easier task, and it would have been had I held a credit card, but I don’t have one.   Thankfully, after a couple of frantic phone calls, the rather excellent guys at found me a company that would accept my debit card. That was flights and car booked then, but still no passport.

Rebecca Leah-0124 To my immense relief, my shiny new document turned up in plenty of time so the trip was definitely on.  D-Day was the 15th July and the departure point was Luton airport, made famous by Lorraine Chase back in the 70s.  Anyone of my vintage who still drinks Campari will know all about the little musical masterpiece that was spawned off the back of the advert which you can see here.

I’m going to blog each of the three days separately, as and when I get all of the editing done.  In the meantime, here’s two shots.  The image at the top is from day three when we did some fashion and fashion nude; the lower shot is from day one when we did a bit of fashion and art nude at the nearby salt lake.   There will be more to follow soon!


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