Portraits & Redheads

I may have said this before, but I absolutely adore doing people photography.   There are so many things you can do with the human form but I love a good, honest and simple portrait.   I find a head and shoulders shot drags you into the eyes of your subject, capturing a look that can never be recreated in exactly the same way again.   In one 160th of a second you are taken right into the soul of the person you are photographing.Rachel-6795

I love this photograph of Rachel.   I was lucky enough to work with her for about a year, and even luckier that she wanted to do a session in the studio with me.  Rachel is not a model, so the whole studio thing was a bit scary for her, but within 10 minutes she was relaxed and we were producing a series of shots.

Soon after we started the black dress went on and with red lipstick complimenting her gorgeous red hair I knew we were ready for some close-up head and shoulders portraits.

The idea was to get some shots with a fairly shallow depth of field, giving a bit of a dreamy look to the shot.   Although taken in the studio we turned the flash off and moved the light in closely, using only the continuous modelling light. Rachel’s position was crucial as I wanted the shadows in just the right place around her nose and I think we achieved that.

The second shot is of Annie Moya.   This was the first time I had worked with Annie, and the only model I have so far booked for a whole day.

I met Annie at the train station in Peterborough and then we set off for the studio.   We got through a number of styles in there, including this portrait, before going to one of the numerous local nature reserves to do some work outside using the ever changing backdrops that are crying out to be used in people shots.

You’ve got to hope that you get on when you’re working with someone for eight hours and you’ve never met them before, but thankfully we were good together and soon settled in to producing a wide variety of images.Annie Moya 1049B-

In this shot Annie also went for a gorgeous black dress against a grassy background although that can’t be seen in this shot.

Portraits and redheads – what a great combination!


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