Upcoming Shoots

Artemis Fauna-1849I’ve got a busy time ahead of me, but that’s not something I’ll complain about.  Photography has become more that a passion for me, it’s bordering on the obsession.  I love doing just about any style, but my favourite has to be people stuff in all of its many styles and genres.

I’ve got a shoot coming up on the 24th May with one of my favourite models, Artemis Fauna.   We’re working with a specialist in a particular art form, all working to get the best result for each other.   This is going to be an interesting collaboration and the style I’m shooting will be a first for me.   I don’t want to say much more about that here, but I can’t wait to see the end result and post a few images up on my site.

The next shoot planned shoot is on the 6th June with another of my favourite models, Nicky Phillips.   As with Artemis above, I’ve worked with Nicky several times after meeting her at a group shoot at a mansion just outside Reading, during an event organised by Paul’s Studio.   I’m not sure what style we’ll be shooting just yet, but Nicky is extremely versatile so we’ll agree upon a theme and Hannah Zebedee-5977then get on and do it.   The last time we used my motorcycle as a prop.

This will probably be my last studio shoot for a while because the weather is getting better and I want to take advantage of the ever-changing backgrounds that the great outdoors offers, and that leads me on to my next shoot.

The day after working with Nicky I’ll be attending a portfolio builder day with Andrew Appleton at WindmillArt in Linton Cambridgeshire, a studio owned and run by Conrad Webb.   Four models to shoot between 10am – 5pm, lunch included and at all at a fabulous location with acres of grounds in which to shoot.  I can’t wait!


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