Big skies, flat as a pancake….

Brancaster-8522Sometimes it’s nice to grab the camera, jump in the car and get out.   A good thing about living in this part of the country is the variety of places to go, although we are short of mountains and even, in some parts, hills.   We do have big skies though and massive panoramic vistas.   We also have a variety of scenery, from coastlines to rivers, drainage channels, lakes and ponds.

There are nature reserves aplenty within a 30 mile radius of where I live.   There’s lots of woodland, some of it ancient, and the Fens, a remarkable environment in its own right.   The wildlife is divers and some of it is only seen in this part of the country, indeed some species are only seen in certain parts of very small specific areas.   My favourite of all though is the coast.

Being born on the coast gave me access during my formative years to all sorts of activities and pastimes. Just walking along the shoreline on a wet and windy Sunday morning I find exhilarating and it clears the head even after the heaviest of Saturday nights.   The sea is in my blood; my Mum’s family were nearly all trawlermen from Lowestoft and it missed it the day I left home to join the RAF in 1978.  Now I try to visit somewhere on the coast as often as I can.

Brancaster-8524These shots were taken at Brancaster on the North Norfolk coast on Easter Monday.   It’s a bit remote there, but it attracts crowds of people on public holidays and in the summer season.   I try to get there or neighbouring Blakeney when the numbers of people are low, because I enjoy that feeling of isolation.   The camera goes with me of course as you never know what might be around the corner and I would hate to miss that killer shot.   There’s always so much to see but taking the right kit is essential; on this occasion I wanted to do some long exposures of the sea to make it look almost smoky, but I ended up tasking some seascapes instead because the tide wasn’t right for those sort of shots.  Oh well, there’s always next time.



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