A Shoot With Bex White

I’ve been so lucky with the models that I’ve worked with, except once.  That was a no-show, which was frustrating because I pride myself on my level of communication and I could see that my messages were being read, but no reply was forthcoming so I was already prepared for the worst.   I wasn’t surprised when the young lady didn’t turn up.   Luckily the studio owner was very good about the situation and I didn’t get charged for studio hire time that I couldn’t use.

It always pays to work with reliable and professional models and on Thursday I got to work again with one of the best, Bex White.   I last shot Bex some four years ago, not long after I had started getting into photography properly.  I was pleased to find that she hadn’t changed one bit, she was still the lovely chatty and very intelligent girl that she was back then with the added bonus of four years more experience in front of the camera.  That asset is extremely valuable; a good model will always know how the light is hitting her and will adjust her pose to suit, or will let the photographer know if things don’t look right so the shot can be checked and refined if necessary.

Bex-8239I booked Bex for four hours which sounds like quite a long time, but those 240 minutes go very quickly indeed.  I had shot at Love Photo Studio before so I was aware of the layout, but we both wanted to get something different, so planning each set took a few minutes and so did the lighting setup.

We had agreed to work on a number of different styles, centering on boudoir and lingerie, but also glamour and a little bit of erotica.   I’ll be posting more about the erotica images later, but for now I’m concentrating on the lingerie, boudoir and glamour shots.   Bex pulls those styles off effortlessly, as these examples show.   The first shot shows Bex at the bay window where sunlight streams through (actually a studio flash head firing off some white polyboard), with a little bit of fill lighting to stop her silhouetting.

The second shot is, in my mind, quite atmospheric.   Bex’s experience shines through and she gives the impression of vulnerability and loneliness.It’s a hard thing to do, the reality of being in a studio is far removed from the impression we were trying to create but I think she’s done it perfectly.  It’s always a Bex-8185pleasure to work with a model who can interpret the ideas of the photographer and put them into action.

I haven’t finished editing all of the shots from the session yet, but when I do I’ll post a link.  Please go and take a look at them when they are ready.




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