The Story Behind The Clockwork Orange Shoot

I have a habit, I’m not proud of it but I’m learning to deal with it.  Sometimes the addiction is so strong and I fight it to the point of virtual exhaustion, but it always wins in the end.  I hate it because it costs me lots of money, but the rush is amazing, a total high, but then in a flash it’s gone.  What is it you ask?  Well, I’m ashamed to admit it, but I frequent photography studios.  There, it’s out now and suddenly I feel a lot better.  Not quite so guilty.

I don’t hang around any old studios, I haven’t sunk that low.  I travel to various parts of the county, from Studio One in Peterborough, Capture Studios in Ely, Love Photo Studio in Newmarket and WindmillArt in Linton all in the name of photography.   It’s at the last named studio the the Clockwork Orange shoot happened.

The studio is owned by Conrad Webb, who has a great photographic vision as well as being a thoroughly nice guy.  His superb studio hosts a number of themed shoots which includes the location, lights, props, models and those backroom people that you don’t normally get to see or hear about such as make-up artists, hairdressers, stylists and body painters.  Yes, body painters.  With Clockwork Orange his intentions were to recreate iconic cinema and not make any social commentary.  His interpretation of the film follows the author Anthony Burgess’ own, as quoted here…

“A Clockwork Orange was supposed to be a sort of tract, even a sermon, on the importance of the power of choice. My hero or anti-hero, Alex, is very vicious, perhaps even impossibly so, but his viciousness is not the product of genetic or social conditioning; it is his own thing, embarked on in full awareness . . . . What my, and Kubrick’s parable tries to state is that it is preferable to have a world of violence undertaken in full awareness – violence chosen as an act of will – rather than a world conditioned to be good or harmless . . . . The wish to diminish free will is, I should think, the sin against the Holy Ghost”.

The idea behind this shoot was to capture four specific shots.  I’ll show you an example of one and explain what was going on around the scenes.

Clockwork Orange-7848The first shot of the day was of the Alex and his three droogs Dim, Georgie and Pete in a stolen car on their way to the home of Mr Alexander.

The picture was taken during late morning on a beautiful sunny day but all that excess light was taken care of by a couple of handheld flashguns so daylight became night-time.   The headlights were popped up up and the scene was there, waiting to be captured.

If you want to see more images from the rest of the shoot you can, but pleased be warned that we tried to stick to the interpretation of the film as given above, so there is a degree of implied violence and nudity in the shots.

You can see the rest of the shoot by clicking here.




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