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So, what’s this all about then?

I’m not really sure what this is all about.   Like a lot of people I got my first camera when I was a kid and I can even remember what I did with it.  I took it on  a school trip to Colchester Zoo and took pictures of the animals there.  I still have copies of those pictures, faded, fuzzy and badly exposed.  I caught the bug, but at such  a young age I couldn’t work out why they didn’t look right.   Years passed and my standard didn’t improve.

 Sometime in 1999 I got my first camera, a 1.4 megapixel Fuji.   It was exactly what I had been waiting for as the whole image creation process was now in my hands, from framing the image to publishing the finished shot.  It’s been a long learning process and there is still so much more to get my head around, especially Photoshop related stuff, but I love it.

People photography is my favourite, bar none.   Portraits, candid shots, reportage, wedding, street photography, working with models, anything people related I love.  I’m going to use this blog to show you what I’ve done.   Over the the next few weeks I’ll be posting stuff that I’ve done so far, both old and recent.   I hope you enjoy what you see and read.


3 Responses to “So, what’s this all about then?”

    • melpettitphotography

      Thanks for two things Tony. Firstly for the kind words and secondly for breaking my duck in that you’re the very first person to make a comment on here. I’m hoping to blog some retrospective stuff first, them move on to my latest work. I need more time…..!

      • Tony

        I am happy to break your duck for comments, it’s not often I get ‘first post’. Good luck with your photography.

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